Brian Jeffrey
Brian Jeffrey
Team: Ga. Jackets 14u Nationals, Ga. Jackets 15u Nationals

Brian Jeffrey Teaching Philosophy

As a player, and as a coach, I have experienced baseball at many levels.  Throughout my journey, I have concluded that in order for a baseball player to be successful, they must focus on having a positive attitude, relentless effort, and unmatched discipline.  A positive attitude is paramount as I am firm believer that one can never achieve a positive result from a negative emotion.  Baseball is a game of failure and can be very humbling to even the greatest players in the world.  My goal is to assist players in managing the day to day, game to game mental focus required to play at their best.

Generally, players will give maximum effort as they play the game of baseball.  My mission as a coach is to assist players in withdrawing that extra 2% that that they didn’t know they had that could potentially propel them to greatness.  It is my foundational belief that all players have a unique talent that can benefit their team and it is my blessing to get them to realize their own potential.

As in life, the only way to become the baseball player we want to be is through relentless discipline.  There is no such thing as selective excellence.  If a player is a part of a positive culture with the mindset of being a champion each day, then he now has the power to reach the highest levels this game has to offer.   

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